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Online Practices

At Mortgage One of the South, we strive to keep you informed about how we protect your online activity at mortgage1one.com. The following online practices demonstrate our commitment to maintain your online privacy and security.

Protecting your Security Online

Keeping financial and personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We value your trust and handle personal information with care.

To ensure your information remains confidential, we use encryption technology on our website to transmit information between you and us. Regular internet e-mail is not secure. When Mortgage One provides internet e-mail addresses, you should use them to provide information that is non-sensitive and non-confidential. We ask that you do not provide personal or account information through e-mail. You may also contact us by phone, mail, or by visiting any of our branches.

Gathering and using information online

Mortgage One collects and uses the information you provide us online to respond to your needs, service your accounts and provide you with information about other services. A cookie is a piece of information that is stored directly on the computer you are using. Cookies can contain a variety of information, from a simple count of how often you visit a web site, to information which allows customization of a web site for your use. Mortgage One uses cookies to display information more effectively to our users. We also use cookies to gather data about the usage of our web site. Any time a cookie is used, personal information is encrypted for our use only and is protected from third party access.

We do not knowingly market to or solicit information from children under 13 without parental consent. We recognize that protecting children’s identities and privacy online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents.

Linking to other sites

We may provide links to non-Mortgage One companies, such as credit bureaus or merchants. If you choose to link to web sites not controlled by Mortgage One, we are not responsible for the privacy or security of these sites, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of their information, services, or products. If you are asked to provide information on one of these web sites, we strongly urge you first to study carefully their privacy policies.

Taking individual responsibility for protecting personal information

While Mortgage One works to protect your privacy, you also play a role in protecting personal information. To help safeguard information, we suggest the following:

Do not share you ID or password with anyone.
Change your password regularly.
Remember to sign off once you have submitted an application for a product or service online, or completed a secure online session.
Only provide your Access ID when your browser indicates an encrypted connection directly to the Mortgage One web site, or to another site you have investigated and fully trust.

Aggregation sites are internet sites that allow you to consolidate account information from several sources on one site. To do this, an aggregation provider may request access to your personal financial information. You should ensure that the aggregator company has appropriate policies to protect the privacy and security of any information you provide or to which they are gaining access, and that you trust the aggregator company.

If you provide information about your Mortgage One accounts to an aggregator company, we will consider that you have authorized all transactions initiated by an aggregation site using access information you provide, whether or not you were aware of a specific transaction. If you decide to revoke the authority you have given an aggregator company, it is important that you notify us to ensure that you may continue to access your account.

An Important Notice Concerning Customer Privacy

At FNBT.Com Bank and our family of businesses (including First Bankcard Services, Mortgage One of the South, Inc. and American Finance Company of Northwest Florida, Inc.) we are concerned about and respect the privacy of customers’ personal financial information. We understand that our customers furnish sensitive information to us in the course of our daily business, and we are committed to treating such information responsibly. We know that our customers expect privacy and security for their personal and financial affairs.

We will take all the necessary steps to safeguard sensitive information that has been entrusted to us by our customers. The following privacy policy and disclosure outlines our practice regarding personally identifiable financial information for our current and former customers and consumers.

We collect nonpublic, personal information about you from many sources, including the following:

- Information we receive from you on applications or other forms
- Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others
- Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency
- Information you provide via online forms you complete and information we receive when
you visit our website

Nonpublic, personal information does not include that which is available from government records, widely distributed media, or government-mandated disclosures.

We may disclose the following types of information about current or former customers to our family of affiliated businesses:

- Identification information, such as name, address, and telephone number
- Transactional information
- Deposit or loan account experience

Examples of the types of businesses we are affiliated with are listed below:

- Mortgage banking companies
- Insurance companies
- Brokerage companies
- Consumer finance companies
- Credit card companies
- Data processing companies
- Real estate appraisal companies

We may also share all of the information we collect from you, as described in the previous section, with certain nonaffiliated third parties. The types of businesses these parties represent are:

- Financial service providers, such as companies engaged in banking, credit cards, consumer
finance, securities and insurance
- Non-financial companies, such as companies engaged in direct marketing and the selling of
consumer products and services

We may disclose the following information to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with whom we may have joint marketing agreements:

- Information we receive from you on applications or other forms, such as name, address,
social security number, assets, and income
- Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others, such as account
balances, payment history, credit card usage, parties to transactions
- Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency, such as your creditworthiness
and credit history

Although you will not have the option to opt out of this sharing agreement, if we share information with a third-party nonaffiliated marketing firm for the purpose of telling you about our new products or services, we will enter into a written agreement with the third party that will require the third party to maintain the confidentiality of the information in the same manner we would and to restrict its use.

We protect consumer privacy by ensuring that only employees who have a business reason for knowing information have access to it. We have appointed a financial privacy coordinator who is responsible for maintaining internal procedures to ensure that our customers’ information is protected. For example, information in loan files can only be accessed by employees who work in the loan origination or loan operations departments.

All employees have a copy of this policy and are trained at least annually regarding the importance of safeguarding customer information. The financial privacy coordinator, the human resources director, and the appropriate department manager will take disciplinary action against any employee who violates our privacy policy and procedures.

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic, personal information.

If we change our policy or practice by, for example, adding a category of information that we will disclose to a third party, we will notify existing customers and give them an appropriate time period to opt out of the disclosure.

You have the option of opting out of our sharing agreements with nonaffiliated parties (other than disclosures permitted by law) by calling us, or by completing the attached form and returning it in the manner described on the form.

If you sign the opt-out notice at the time your account is opened or application processed, we will honor your request immediately.

However, you may opt-out of our sharing agreements at any time. If you notify us after your account is opened or application processed, we agree to stop sharing your information within 60 days from the date we receive your request.

By law we may share personal information about consumers without allowing consumers the opportunity to opt out in the following circumstances:

With companies who perform transaction processing for us in the following circumstances:
- If the transaction, service, or product is requested or authorized by the consumer
- To maintain or service a consumer’s account as part of a private label credit card or other
loan extension program
- In connection with a securitization, secondary market sale (including servicing rights), or
similar transaction related to a consumer
- For disclosures that are necessary to enforce our legal or contractual rights or the rights of
any other person who is engaged in the financial transaction
- For disclosures required in the ordinary course of our business, such as the settlement of
claims or benefits, the confirmation of information to the consumer or the consumer’s
agent, and the billing, processing, or clearing of items in the normal course of business
- To provide information to insurance rate advisory organizations, guaranty funds or
agencies, agencies that are rating the bank, persons who are assessing the bank’s
compliance with industry standards, and the bank’s attorneys, accountants, and auditors
- To the extent permissible under the Right to Financial Privacy Act
- To a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
- To comply with federal, state, or local laws, rules, and other applicable legal requirements

You may opt out of any customer information sharing agreement that we have with affiliated companies or with nonaffiliated companies by doing either one of the following:

Call us at the following phone numbers:
1-877-672-4346 (toll free) or 796-2044 (local)


Complete and mail this portion of the disclosure in a stamped envelope to:

FNBT.Com Bank
Attn: Financial Privacy Coordinator
PO Drawer 1327
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549-1327

I/we wish to opt out of any customer information sharing agreement with:

 Affiliated companies
 Nonaffiliated companies

Your name:_________________________ Your Signature:______________________
Date:_______________________________ Your Social Security:__________________
Account Number:_____________________ Type of Account:_____________________
Account Number:_____________________ Type of Account:_____________________
Account Number:_____________________ Type of Account:_____________________
Account Number:_____________________ Type of Account:_____________________
Account Number:_____________________ Type of Account:_____________________

If you sign the opt-out notice at the time your account is opened or application processed, we will honor your request immediately. However, you may opt out of our sharing agreements at any time. If you notify us after your account is opened or application processed, we agree to stop sharing your information within 60 days from the date we receive your request.